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SOLID. 1 month until my half marathon!! I probably ran a bit faster than that pace, so much starting and stopping because of traffic. 😒🚙

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Intro, visual graphics, supers and bumpers for the tv series STIL shown on the norwegian channel TV2 in 2012. Stil (in english, Style) is a program series about fashion and personal style. In each episode the hosts Dorthe Skappel and Mariann Thomassen meet different people in different environments discussing their individual style.

Done while working at Anti Designstudio.
Animation by Motion Blur

Norwegian graphic designer Sofie Platou

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He knows me too well ☕️☕️☕️


Where I want to be

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Mariëlle van Genderen (Amsterdam)

Words of Wisdom, a card for the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day


Ever had a stupid thought that made you laugh and then you had to doodle out? 

I’m still getting used to half my head being buzzed, but it’s fun to draw (on the wrong side)

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This city FREAKS THE FUCK OUT ON SATURDAYS. Everyone calm down, christ almighty. 

UPDATE: It’s almost midnight and the building across the street from me is blasting polka music. 

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This city FREAKS THE FUCK OUT ON SATURDAYS. Everyone calm down, christ almighty.